Saturday, August 16, 2014

Family, and the Importance Thereof

So, apparently the news is out. I have been avoiding saying something on social media out of respect for the family, and my uncles wishes, but many of my family have already broached the subject already, so her it goes.

My uncle, Steve Albrecht (KitSteve Albrecht) has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

First, let me tell the family that he is in great spirits every-time I have the pleasure of seeing him, which is often because we share the same address so I don't think we need to worry all that much. Being in the medical field I can say that most of the battle is won with that alone.

But there is still the worry and uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis of this kind. So, I would ask that anyone who prays keep this matter pressed firmly to their lips as he means the world to too many of us to tag (I will miss some of you because I am tired and not in my best form) in a single post.

There are too many unknowns to name at this time, and emotions are running high in my household, so please be respectful in the coming days.

There are still tests to be done before a coarse of action can be plotted, but there is no doubt the Albrecht family will be victorious in the end. We are a stubborn lot that refuses to yield, but I hurt for the pain that uncertainty brings my family.

Lastly, to the readers of my novels: I hope you will respect that I may not get as much writing done in the next few weeks, or months, as I would normally, but I will get back to it as soon as we kick cancer's ass. That is all.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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